Live Now

What is it about the feel of the wind, the open road, the constant hum of raw power and the comfort that comes from being on a motor and completely alone? Except, I must say for the presence of loved ones now gone, but always felt traveling ever so near.

The healing effect on a crushed, diminished, and tormented soul. A return of awareness and of agency that comes with self-control. The flowering bud of a feeling deep inside of survival. Of having been tested beyond prior comprehension and living-still to experience yet another wonderful day. Only now so much stronger and wiser for sure. Oh the lesson of experience etched on the face is ever so clear. It is the path of so many who have traveled here before.

With the changing of season, spring has arrived and the feel of summer grows strong on the mind. The warmth on the back with sunshine on leather isn’t easily described. But its feel is like that of a long loving hug from an Angel, who’s riding behind. With that warm of sunshine, new life, it springs forth. From the bright green of young grass, brilliant blue of a cloud speckled sky and of newborns who follow their mothers so closely behind.
Oh yes, a sanctuary it is that I have found; a rest, a release, a redemption, and recovery for sure. To ride, to watch, to feel, to experience it all simply because I’m out here, right now!

Today, I know not what tomorrow will bring, but I have new understanding of the importance of things. Having endured; no survived, the sting of a crippling test, a lesson I bring to those who would listen.

For now is just that and I tell you, it’s real. Tomorrow is possible, but with no guarantee. Live now my good friends as can clearly be seen, there will never be another now exactly like the one you’re in now. Oh for sure, there’s a seemingly endless supply of now in tomorrow. But in tomorrow’s now there isn’t another like the one that’s right now! Like tomorrow itself, those now’s of tomorrow have no guarantee. With that understanding experience the now. And when you look back on the now of today you can say to those with you; do you remember that day? And then you can smile remembering well the experience of yesterday’s now. So true but contingent you see, on living the fullness of the time we call now!

Live now, ride now, go now, love now, hug her now, smile now, laugh now, play now, enjoy right now!!! And as you move forward with a gift of another right now.

Count yourself fortunate waste not I do say; “Live and Ride” the experience of right now!!!

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