The Gift and The Ride, a two part series. “The Gift”

A few weeks ago some friends invited me to their home for dinner. Being an unwilling Bachelor of late, I eagerly accepted a home cooked meal not of my own making. As I thought about driving to their home I decided I would ride my motor. How could it get much better than a home cooked meal with good friends coupled with a ride? My friend had been admiring my bike all spring and telling me stories of a motor he would like to buy from a friend of his in Texas. I thought to myself, well I can give him another peek at her and who knows he may actually buy one. Now I say he would like to buy his friends motor in Texas because his lovely bride was set against the idea. How can a desire for a motor argue with statements like; “I love you and I don’t want you to get hurt or to lose you.” She had a definitive advantage. Still, my friend is a determined man and he persisted with a deep desire only recognized by those of us who ride.

So on the day in question I thought what the heck, Lizzie was shined up and it was a beautiful evening. I rode to their home, pulled into their drive and my friend came out to admire Lizzie. In his I eyes a saw desire, raw desire, his breath quickened and again he told me of the Texas bike of his dreams. Following this he said; “Hey I have an idea, pull your bike into the garage I want to check something out.” I did as he said parking as directed and while the roar of the Harley’s pipes rumbled in his garage, I must say it was, “just so cool!” I parked and shut Lizzie down. At this his bride came out and was promptly told by my friend; “See, there is plenty of room in the garage.” I could only imagine the previous conversation they had and reasoning of the garage space that had occurred earlier. His bride responded with a shake of the head toward my friend an accusing statement, “Jim, you are a bad influence.” To this what could I say but; Yes Ma’am, yes I am! With a wink and a smile both of us knowing it to be true…

The dinner and conversation was most excellent and I enjoyed the evening immensely. Nice to have some interaction since I spend most of my time on my own these days and wow what a meal. Roasted pineapple ham, I wonder where they got a ham like that anyway? Following the evening’s meal I bid my friends fare well and climbed aboard Lizzie, I eased her out onto the highway throttled up and off we went to wherever my heart desired.

Weeks followed and I had occasional contact with my friends. Every time I heard of the Texas bike and of one day we would ride together. Then out of the blue I received a text message from my friend’s bride. She told of a birthday surprise for her good man. She had bought him none other than the Texas Bike for his birthday which was coming up in the next weeks. The bike was delivering today and she asked if she could store it in my garage until his birthday. Amazed that she had actually bought it for him I agreed; but I could not resist telling her that she has a serious poker face and if she decides to head down to Vegas, I’m going with!!!

I arrived home from work that day to see a beautiful silver Suzuki road bike parked in the garage. I took extra care to keep the garage door on that side closed as my friend drives past my home on his way to and from work. A few days later I received another text from her, this one was a picture of my friend holding the title to his new bike and the absolute look of elation on his face. I have not seen a larger smile nor eyes of sparkle with that level of excitement for a long time. I asked her what was up with the spoiler on the surprise. She advised she had no choice, my friend was aware that his Texas friend with the bike was coming to Utah and although his Texas friend had been in on the surprise the whole time and had played his hand well, my friend obsessed with that bike had withdrawn from the bank the money to buy it and would not stop texting and calling his Texas friend about it. Finally, she had relented and gave him the title to calm him but the bike was strictly off limits until his birthday.

From here until the day of his birth celebration my friend became a creeper of sorts. He would stalk around his many friends and family member’s homes peaking in their garage and odd shed, anywhere the bike might have been hidden. He made odd statements like, “you got any new vehicles hidden in there?” Still, to my amazement he never thought of me and the extra room in my garage and the bike remained safely hidden.

The evening before the day of his birth, his bride and I developed and sinister plot. I would deliver the bike to their home, park it in the driveway and place a number of bright decorations on it while they out for dinner. When they arrived home his surprise would be waiting. I did as instructed and the trick went off without a hitch. For days following he couldn’t understand how she had pulled off such a perfect gift and surprise. I have to admit I was so happy for him, he had his bike and what is better is it was a gift from a special lady he calls his bride.

For days following I would see him drive past my home on his motor with a huge smile to go with it. He stopped by my house one night and we admired his bike and talked of the rides we should soon take. I tell you there wasn’t a speck of dust on that bike and it was polished to a fine shine. What a proud owner.

I could not help but smile and nod my head as I watched him ride away that night west bound into the setting sun. I thought; “Good for you my Friend.”

Stay tuned for part two, “The Ride”.

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