Angels who protect

Every once in a while, if we listen, it becomes apparent that we do not travel alone. I have an angel very near who protects in the most unexpected ways. This is a tale of such a day when I and many around me were protected in just such a way. I needed only to listen.

The day was a beautiful one and I was intending to travel. I had been asked to tow a recreational vehicle with me for a little over three hundred miles as my journey took me. I agreed and on that beautiful morning responded to the area where the trailer and unit was parked. I backed up to the trailer and hooked on with my pick up which was to be my transport for the trip.

Now, for those not familiar with a towing hitch please allow me to describe the mechanical function. Mounted on the truck or towing vehicle is a ball hitch. It resembles a clinched fist at the end of a wrist, the top of the ball is wider than the shaft leading up. The hitch is on the trailer side and resembles an upside down cup which is a partial hour glass shape with the rim being more narrow than the inside of the cup. The rim has a section about one third the diameter of the rest of the rim. That section is flexible and moves out to allow the wider ball to slide into the cup as the trailer hitch is lowered. The flexible section can then slide forward once the ball is seated into the cup. The flexible section has a lock mechanism that allows the flexible section to lock into place forming a closed rim which secures around the shaft. This section allows the hitch and ball to form a secure attachment which will rotate as needed for the trailer to follow the towing vehicle.

So when I hooked onto the trailer that morning, I opened the flexible section and lowered the trailer hitch over the ball. Once seated, I moved the locking section forward into place and engaged the lock. I again raised the trailer to test the connection. The truck began to rise with the trailer indicating the connection was secure. I then lowered the trailer again, rotated the jack into the travel position, hooked up safety chains, the electrical lights cable, and tested them with the emergency and turn signal. Once completed I started on my way.

I pulled the trailer out onto the public street and began my journey. As I traveled along a secondary roadway not far from my start, I had a very real impression that I should check the hitch connection again. I call it an impression because it was a thought but I hadn’t thought it. I felt it, like I was being told that I should. In my mind, my own thoughts were resisting; “I just checked it when I hooked on and the truck raised with the trailer jack. The connection is good.” I thought and I ignored the impression and continued on my way. The impression did not go away but remained as a nagging feeling. I traveled about 5 miles to an intersection where I intended to enter an interstate freeway. This interstate freeway is a two and three lane high speed cross country route with speed limits set at 80 miles per hour. As I approached the intersection and entry ramp, again I had another impression, this one stronger and more urgent. It came as a matter of fact and not a suggestion. I felt; “You need to check that hitch again before you get onto the interstate!” So intense was this feeling that I simply could not reason it away. In my mind, or you know what, I might have even muttered aloud and I answered; “Ok; fine, I’ll check it!”

I pulled into a small dirt parking area just prior to the interstate interchange. I exited the vehicle walked to the space between truck and trailer, got down on my knees and looked up under the cup of the hitch. By this time I already knew there was a problem with the hitch connection simply because the prompting told me so. I just needed to figure out what the issue was. As I looked up under the hitch I saw that the flexible section was not in the correct position but was on the top of the ball. The hitch connection was open which would allow for the hitch to separate at any time the front of the trailer would have risen. Without doubt the connection would have separated at some point on my journey.

At seeing this I understood the urgency; there was an obvious problem that needed to be corrected. I again lifted the trailer hitch with the jack and moved the flexible section back so that the ball could pass through to the seated position. Once there, I reengaged the lock and, from my knees, I looked closely to insure the lock section was in the proper position and that the connection was secure and locked. As I stood, brushed dirt from my knees, and returned to the driver’s seat the nagging feeling left me and I was filled with warm confidence the danger was past. It felt like; “Good job buddy, now you’re good to go!”

I traveled the journey with no issues what so ever. How thankful I am for that warning from my companion who travels with me constantly. I shudder at the thought of what might have been without the assist.

Listening to my companion can be a challenge for me at times, I can do better and know that I should listen when spoken to. He is with me to protect!!!

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