Into the Sunset

The sun settled itself into the western horizon and I flipped down the visor to better see, I thought to myself, why am I always driving into the sunset with it’s blinding glare?

Being unable to see traffic around me, pedestrians, or the control lights of intersections that day, the thought was an irritable one as I squint into the glare. That is until I took more time to think about what that blinding glare meant for me.

Whenever possible I try to make an adventure of each and every day. I’m well aware that time is short and it seems to be fleeting fast. We so often allow ourselves to forget this fact or simply think, there is a guarantee in tomorrow, I’ll do adventure then. What foolishness this thought can be, because there is no guarantee.

What does adventure have to do with a blinding sunset glare you may ask. Well, I’d be happy to explain, for me it means I’m out there still at adventures ending track. To be driving home at sunset, tells me that I have made the most of that given day and the adventure that was allowed.

My thought today is simply this, driving home into a sunset glare is a blessing that I’m thankful for. If it continues to be my fortune, I’ll have so many more. On each to come as the sun sinks low, I’ll slow the scrambling pace a bit and flip the visor down. I’ll throw on some shades and move my helmet down, or maybe simply shade my eyes with a hand raised out and high. If I stare just long enough into the brightening glare, the sun itself will surely dip below horizons of the west. When that time arrives I may just see, the best of color yet.

If someday on your homeward bound, and from adventure would be my wish, you see me slowing down a bit and staring into the sunset glare, anticipation on my face. Smile with me as it just might be, that now you’ll understand.

Life, you just Gotta Live It!!!

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