The best burger in town

What is the common feature that all home towns share? Why, it’s a favorite greasy spoon and I use that term as one of endearment. Each of these wonderful places boast of; “The best burger in town” and by golly its definitely true. The farming community of Enterprise Utah located in the southwestern corner of the state is no different.

This is a tale of sunny winter day in the desert, a meal, a man, a motorcycle, and of a side kick named Kevin Furbear. It was midweek and most were at work or scurrying about on their task list for the day. With several hours uncommitted we soon found ourselves on the bike and steering the open road to a point unknown. This is my space and I do all that’s possible to create days just like today.

As we made our way the road and the bike combine to dictate the path we’d follow. I allowed myself to recess to that place where bikers go when thought and the purr of a strong motor create a special place that riders all know.

As I roll to a stop at the intersection of SR 18 and 219 a thought invaded my world and it was this. “I’m in Enterprise and there is a Spoon here.” It’s name is Marv’s and it has a reputation that may be it’s namesake if Marvelous be the founder name.

With a slight pang in my stomach we wheeled into the lot and shut the big motor down. A promise of a treat was made to my friend if he’d wait outside and be a very good boy.

Inside when I walked to the counter, I found the special to be a cheese burger, fries, and drink for a reasonable price. Have I ever mentioned my first words as a child? Well, it was my favorite then and not much has changed. The “Hamburger and Coke” order was placed and a feast soon arrived.

Now, I will try as best that I can to describe the sight I beheld as the staff said cheerfully, “Here you go”.

The fries were the ones you get by slicing fresh taters early that morning and deep frying right in clean oil changed just that day. Not over done but definitely crispy with soft middle inside that burst through the salty crisp to combine with fry sauce dipped from the small cup like container.

If this beginning has your attention, just wait till we get to the burger I saw. The bun is important it has to be soft in the center with a toasted crust outside making it that golden brown arch on the top. Next are the veggies; tomato, lettuce and pickle. All are so fresh that crisp just doesn’t describe and flavor packed through when combining with ketchup, mustard and the fresh tomato juices leaving a trickle running down the chin. Last there is the burger itself. When I picked out Kevin’s promised last bite. I found the secret that made it taste; oh, so right. A fresh hand formed patty made from local beef that was ground just the evening before. Cooked on the spot for the order I’d placed. Brown all the way through but not to the point where juices are not able to contribute to the mess on my chin only to be eventually wiped away by that napkin I grabbed. Oh, and by the way, I haven’t even mentioned the shakes.

So, if your ever in the hood and cruising on down in the southwest corner of our wonderful state. Do yourself a favor; I trust you can take it from here. But watch for that biker rolling throttle with glared over eyes, rippin’ down the two lane with his pup on behind.

Kevin Furbear riding in Zion

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