Are you alive?

After watching a magnificent sunrise this morning I was having breakfast at a locals favorite. I just had to smile at the following conversation. Yes, I was sitting at the counter as per my usual. There is no such thing as eavesdropping at the counter as we’re all alone but among friends and all is fair game.

I heard a fellow down to the other counter end placing a telephone call on his cellphone. He said; “Well good morning Sir, I was just checking to see if you’re still alive?” Although I couldn’t hear the response given, apparently there was an answer, and it was in the affirmative. At which the man I could hear said; “Well good, ok then, see you it a few!”

As I smiled and looked around at a diner full of breakfast friends all laughing and talking with each other while drinking their morning cup of Joe. The thought came; it is wonderful to wake every morning with an opportunity of another day so we can try to get it right? What is better is to have someone who cares say; “Good morning, I was just checking…”

It’s a Snow Canyon Sunrise

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