The value of a word; well, it’s astounding and few are better than the word “Look”. I have had moments when I am completely alone and amazing things are discovered.

Like the amazing sunrise of yesterday with its lightening blue sky over a black desert landscape and the redness of clouds set all blaze with the days first rays of brilliant light. As I drove through the desert, the voice of Louis Armstrong singing in my mind; “What a Wonderful World!”

“I see skies of blue and clouds of white. The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night. And I think to myself what a wonderful world.”

And yes, I may well have sang along with Louis for a time, Kevin being my only witness, to a rare but magnificent sight.

Moments such as these are amazing to be sure, but the power of “look” is on my mind and I have discovered. For to experience the power of “look” one must share with another.

Like a day prior from this wonderful sunrise morning, when in the amazing place we call Zion with a special friend. We walked and we talked and sat and we held hands and each other so close. Oh, what an amazing day to have been together and the power of look was there to be sure.

Oh “look” there is an amphitheater but it’s all wrong for the seats are facing the wrong way; let’s sit on the stage and ”look” at the beauty of the real act going on in the mountains behind.

Oh, “Look” there are people up there on that rock you can see them shining in the brightness of sun.

“Look” at that cliff. If someone fell from way up there how in the world would you get them down?

Oh my, “Look” at that buck in the field. He hasn’t a worry in the world and oh hey, “look” there is another and another. And “look” at that big one; he is standing right in town.

Just “Look” at those yellow leaves, I just love the color of fall leaves here against the red rock.

Oh that stream is dry, that isn’t a good sign. But “look” this one is running with cool water from above. We should give Kevin a drink.

Hey, do you hear the rumble? “Look” there they are over there. On a motor; that is the best way to see the park.

Oh “look” at that, what a pretty picture.

What makes look such a powerful word is that it also means share. Memory fades and time takes a toll but of shared moments one can always say to the other: “Hey, do you remember when…?”

And for me” look” makes adventure better in a magical way. Those who can say “look” are blessed beyond measure for it means you’re together.

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