A Cat’s Tale

I’m of the opinion that revenge is best served cold or in other words after a respectable amount of time as passed. Many of you will remember my late wife’s cat Teeny Tiny. Yes, she is the one who swiped my freshly cooked chicken breast dinner from the counter a while back before I could put it away. Well today I was able to get mine with that little black beast.

Kevin and I had gone into town to run some errands which included picking up the mail and stopping at the Chevron for a Coke and little buddy treat (Beef Jerky). Teeny Tiny usually spends her days inside the home and rarely does she spend much time outside. However, today was a particularly beautiful and warm day. She had followed me outside and had refused to come back prior to my leaving.

After running the errands we drove home enjoying the sun and spring like conditions while sipping on the Coke. As I pulled in the driveway I thought; I’ll just sit here in the sun and read the mail before getting out of the car.

After about five minutes I saw movement on the front of the car and looked up from the mail; Teeny Tiny had jumped up onto the hood of the car. She pranced across the hood in her best Royalty apparent stroll. She was looking around from side to side clearly trying to figure out where I had gone. She seemed quite irritated I hadn’t gone directly to the door to let her inside the house again immediately when arriving home. With a smile spreading across my face, I reached up slowly and let blast with the car horn. The cat caught totally by surprise, her eyes bulging, she sprang high into the air, her claws extended and legs churning attempting to gain footing in mid-air. You know it is amazing how high a cat can jump when properly motivated. Apparently, in the excitement she had forgotten the car was parked and she was not about to be pulverized by the fast moving Neon she now envisioned was coming straight for her at the speed of sound. After what seemed like minutes aloft, gravity again forced its will on the cat and she lightly touched down only to gain the badly sought after traction she so desired. In an instant she had sprang from the car hood and ducked under the trailer.  

After another few minutes had passed, still in a full belly laugh, and cheeks wet with laughter tears, I exited the car. Triumphant with my revenge, I stroll into the house with my own swagger clearly apparent. “Revenge, oh sweet revenge…” Seems now a freshly cooked chicken breast was a small price to pay for such entertainment.

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